Obelights are dedicated too creating visually immersive lights with
contemporary styling and beautiful artwork that will light up the
room with a cosy atmosphere. The super efficient LED light within
the lamp can change colour in variety of different styles and comes
with a remote control that offers a lot of manipulation over the
specific colours and effects. Your change in mood can be reflected in
the many different colours available with this powerful device to
create the atmosphere you desire, or just let it smoothly fade
through the colour spectrum.

Obelights come in a variety of different heights to suit your interior
design needs. From bedside night lights to full size floor lamps that
are designed to captivate the eye and mind with geometrical beauty.


We accept commissions for larger lighting systems and also
alternative designs within the Obelight. We can install into
clubs, restaurants and other venues that endeavour
too create a unique and cosy atmosphere.

Email: orders@Obelights.co.uk

The blue light spectrum awakes the mind
because of a ancient photoreceptor which is particularly sensitive to short wavelengths.
These new scientific studies are being applied
in bars and clubs to stop customers from
feeling sleepy and leaving early.

Obelight's super efficient LED Colour
Changing Bulb '3 watts' & Remote
Control with variable colour controls.









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